93% of realtors recommend decluttering to stage a home

Roo Storage has teamed up with The Whitley Co. to solve the ultimate decluttering dilemma when it comes to storage. Thanks to The Whitley Co., you'll also save 10% at checkout by clicking the button below.

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Roo connects people with extra space to people who need storage

Staging almost guarantees your home to sell faster and at a higher price. One thing that can get in the way of a successful stage - clutter. This can leave you with a frustrating “what do I do with my stuff” moment. That’s where Roo comes in.


Nearby Neighborhoods

Numerous storage spaces conveniently located so you're not driving all over town.


Background Checks

All new hosts must pass a thorough background check to be listed on the site. 


Affordable Daily Rates

We offer daily rates so you don't overpay for storage you don't need with monthly contracts.

Happy Renters

Don't take our word for it. Check out what some of the people in your very community think about Roo.


"I was able to easily move all my stuff into the space in about 5 minutes. The host was really friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this to someone who is in between leases!"


"We could book a storage unit for 7 days and it was cheaper than all the other places we considered. Roo helped eliminate some of the most stressful parts of moving."


"Roo works out really well because it lets me keep my things close to campus while someone else can keep an eye on it. Now I can do some traveling before I move into my new apartment for the fall!"

Don't settle for out-of-the-way options that don't even meet your needs.

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